Question [Q] Color circle not stopping dancing after sceen change

Hi all.

I had to change my nexus 4 screen.

All seems ok and after the first reboot I saw "google" then the colour circles.
But the circles never stopped their dance.

So I tried :
- wiped everything
- oem unlock
- flash official roms
- flash cwm
- flash Cyanogenmod 11

No change : always stuck on boot screen.

I can access fastboot, recovery.
Once on recovery I can "adb shell", push files on /sdcard/, ...

When booting, "adb devices" list my device but "offline".
So I can't use "adb logcat".
As I can use "adb shell" while in recovery, is there anyway to enable adb ?
Or is there any rom with adb already already enabled ?

What is funny : I flashed ubuntu touch trusty and ... it works ... once.
The phone started, the screen and digitizer works.
I was able to use apps, launch camera, ...
But no wifi (it seems a trusty problem. No device with wireless extension found with iwconfig).
Then I inserted a sim card, tried a reboot and it did not works anymore.
but I can adb shell in the phone, see log files.
I don't find anything suspect but I don't exactly know what to look for.
Removeing the sim card did not changed it.

don't know if it is interresting : on ubuntu touch flash, the system flash made an error : an assert "getprop('ro.product.device')=='mako' failed.
I had to remove line
assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "mako" || getprop("") == "mako");
META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script of
I tried to add an "echo" to display current "" but it did not works (Status 6). Don't know to add log in this file.

Thanks for any help.