Lightbulb Solution | Application Manager "Calculating/Computing" Issue

Hello guys, wishing you all a very pleasant day.

Many people have that pain in the a** problem when the application manager of their smartphone starts to act weird. It is that when you try to clear the cache, delete app data or even uninstall an application, the application manager get stuck on "computing/calculating" and never stops. Also, when you try to uninstall an application, it gets stuck on "uninstalling" and never ends!

I had this problem on my HTC Desire 500 since about day 7 of purchasing, I figured the solution for this after months of searching on the web for a quick solution for this frustrating issue without taking it back for repair. I thought it was a software malfunction but the cause for that problem was the most unexpected factor; the SD card!

As an initial trial, I pulled the SD card out and started using the phone without it for a whole day. I checked the application manager every now and then and it was surprisingly working all fine! I put the SD card back and the problem came back out of nowhere!

So, here is how I solved that problem:

- Shutdown your phone and pull out the SD card. If the problem is gone then follow the below procedure:

1. Connect your smartphone to your laptop and copy all of your important photos, videos and songs to your laptop. DO NOT USE SD CARD BACKUP FUNCTION.

2. You might figure out that your smartphone cannot unmount the SD card, so you cannot format it from there. So, as a countermeasure, shutdown your smartphone, pull out your SD card and connect it to your laptop for a quick format.

3. After connecting the SD card to your laptop right click on the driver then select "format > quick format".

4. The file system should be FAT32 and the allocation size to be 4096 bytes (I'm not sure why the 4096 bytes in particular but I found many people recommending it)

5. Press "Start" to start formatting.

6. Pull your SD Card out and re-insert it back in your smartphone. Re-download your applications and do some checking for a whole days for the features that was not working "clear cache, clear app date, uninstall app, unmount SD card". and I hope they'll be working well.

The above solution is applicable for all types of smartphones, not only for HTC.

If anyone tries this method and works with them, please let me know

Greetings from Egypt,