Question [Q] App with Gestures - I need some ideas!

If you could use gestures in your apps: In what app you would use?

I'm working in a project about use gestures in apps (android, ios and web) with a simple-line code. So, i want implement this development in differents areas, but i need some suggestions.

My project is a software development kit to create gesture-driven apps across all platforms using an online editor and a plugin distribution system. Whether it’s a small or big app, whether it’s on iOS, Android or web, it enables developers and designers to effortlessly integrate gesture control into their applications and to create innovative user experience.

I have a music player with this project, if you want to see it, i can give you the link to download it and try!

Well, my question is: Where you think that this project will have potencial? Yes or No? And in which area?

Can you understand me?

Thanks everyone for the help!

Best Regards!