Default Downgraded to MK2 to NB1 to root can't install any recovery manager

Ok so here is my situation. I took the OTA to NB1(4.4.2) then I downgraded back to MK2 so I could have root access. Then I reinstalled NB1 stock rom. Now I have root access with stock 4.4.2 on my i337 GS4. Now what I'm trying to do is install clockwork mod recovery or TWRP or any other recovery other than safestrap but I'm not able too or cannot find a way. Has any one had this issue I'm new to this and I am trying to run google edition Roms or customer roms. Also with safestrap(3.71) some roms are enabled but once phone reboots it stay on black screen. Any help or advice is appreciated thank you.