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Well, based on some logcats and the help of my friend @Repulsa. I was able to enter the settings of this keyboard, but I wasn't able to make it work at all, it just crashes when you try to write something but you can enter to its settings. It's a little strange.

Well, here's the Samsung International Keyboard from the s5 european dumps.
  • It let you make some configs
  • It lets you install and update languages, but sometimes it crashes.
  • If you can update the default languages, it'll let you install new ones... a kind of weird I guess.

Here's the link, the files are ODEXED but you can deodex and the deodexed result will work on odexed roms, I tell you this because I have the deodexed Note 3 keyboard working on my odex stock rom (yes, the keyboard with f*king awesome emojis enabled)

Well, if you can help me, I'll love you so hardcore.


Aaaaand!!!! Some awesome logcats for my beloved devs. (see attached files)

NOTE: I tried erasing the odex file and yes, it's still crashing like a little bi*chy buggy app

Good luck
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