Service Request: SystemUI with Network data Speed mod

Can anyone post a link or make a LG G2 Stock JB 4.2.2 LGSystemUI.apk with the network speed mod. I tried deodexing the LGSystemUI but no success.
I am using apktool for JB 4.2.2 from XDA. Some how the LGSystemUI.apk cant be decompiled by me. I know how to insert the mod as I had done it before on my Xperia Sola. But on the G2 802 , I cant so i need some help.

* I dont want to used the xposed framework mod or the Network meter app on Google play. I loved this mod on my xperia and would like it on my G2 as well.

Calling out for great developers who are up to this challenge, I can give you the files and instructions how to do it ....all the way through...I am unable to successfully decompile so asking for this help.....