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Unlocking Solution 2014 HTC TouchPro2 Verizon

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Default Unlocking Solution 2014 HTC TouchPro2 Verizon

Hello everyone,

I have recently received an HTC Touch Pro 2 Verizon from my friend who is no longer using it. I have T-Mobile and I want to use it on my network. Unfortunately, the phone is locked to Verizon. Does anyone know if there is a way to unlock the phone for free without contacting Verizon? I searched the forums but the ways that were previously used do not work anymore. (For example, Olipro is not active in the community anymore).

Does anyone have a tool that will unlock it? I know there are others on the fora who would like to unlock their devices as well.

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Sign Did You SEARCH The Forum, FIRST?

Aside from the fact that developers and skilled programmers detest noob questions, and end users (lusers); there is the matter of your question being hashed over umpteen times, herein!

Myself, I would rather a crass answer, than to be ignored.

You should really do the prerequisite reading.

Verizon is a CDMA network operator. T-Mobile is GSM.

The TP2 (Touch Pro 2) usually ships WV (World LOCKED), whereas you want WU (World UNLOCKED). This is part of the "radio" firmware, which runs the cellular radios.

The Sprint (CDMA) branded version ships WV and won't even connect/register on a U.S. domestic GSM network. You can't even dial 911!

The handset also has an FM broadcast radio receiver, but it's not operable via the stock ROM.

Yes you need to be security/SIM unlocked, but you must also be World Unlocked, unless you live close enough to Canada or Me-He-Co, to get their GSM signal, and have one of their GSM chip/cards.

Read about HSPL (Hard Secondary Program Loader), WU radio, and WU unlock...

Maybe if you ask the right QUESTIONS, you'll get the right ANSWERS.

Don't forget that the HTC Touch Pro 2 is ANCIENT, in the world of handsets, and developers have mostly moved on to the newer, shinier devices, to get a chance to "brick" them. Many of the needed files have disappeared from here!

By the way... I noticed 188 views of your OP, and but 1 reply, here. Did you happen to notice the tick/checkbox below where you type, before you hit "Submit New Thread"?

You are asked:
Is this a question?
...and the tick/checkbox is next to:
Yes, this thread is a Question!
I get kind of bent when I go on Craig's List, looking to be hired, and waste time reading ads of other people ALSO LOOKING FOR WORK, because they posted in the wrong category. On that board, those ads belong in the "services" or "resume's" section, not the "jobs" or "gigs". Here, it seems that 187 other people hoped for a answer, but only found another question, that has already been answered...
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