Default Does HiD gamepads work on the M8 without custom kernels?

I currently have the M7, and it's not working nicely with bluetooth gamepads due to Sense not being that friendly with bluetooth. I remember when I bought this M7 from a guy from craigslist almost an year ago, he traded his device for my S4 because the bluetooth wouldn't play nice with his car audio.
I'm going to make my next purchase this week, and it's going to be the S5 or the M8, although I'm more inclined towards the M8.
If the M8 doesn't support gamepads without root, it's going to really be a dealbreaker because I love playing emulated games while taking my 1 hour bus ride to work/to home every day.
Additionally, I've read from a post that BT keyboards which didn't work with the M7 work with the M8, so I'm raising my hopes up.
I have a Phonejoy Play that I received from Kickstarter, and I'm looking forward to use it on my next device.