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There are very few open source launchers for Android. In fact, probably not more than 3 including CM's Trebuchet, which is very large (13mb) and ram hungry. The other launchers are all closed source, which means you really don't know what they are doing (and communicating to and from) on your device.

Here is Launcher Advanced compiled by me from sources and shared under GPL3 license.

This is very lightway, but rather feature rich launcher, which allows a large variety of ADW themes added.

Although, the launcher is available on Googleplay, this is a compilation for those who don't use Googleplay. Plus, unlike Google, in my version you could be sure that no Google dirty finger has touched the app.

INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file, install it as a regular app and REBOOT.


Credit to source author EsromG5.

Application attached below.
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