Default [Q] Export Merged/joined Android contacts

I'm facing a problem with exporting all my contacts on my galaxy s4

I'm new at android and i have put all accounts connected to GS4 and i have contacts from gmail, facebook, skype, google+.

i have spent a lot of time merging all the contacts so i can have a clean contact list with only one contact per person.

My problem is that in gmail after finished merging i only have the contacts that i had before on gmail accout. Is there a way of exporting all contacts from my galaxy s4 (from all accounts) so i can then import them to gmail, or yahoo.

I have been reading in the forum and the only thing i found is to backup the contacts with groups and merged/joined option, so if you want to change room i just have to load the backup, but i did no find nothing about exporting them to csv or vcf to import to other accounts

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