Default HELP with Return HTC M7 Tmobile back to stock

I am having trouble returning my T-mobile HTC One M7 phone back to stock. I already relocked the bootloader. I tried to flash a the RUU which I feel like is not working because the signature keep coming out failed. It could be the wrong RUU. Can any one help me find the RUU version 1.27.531.7 for my phone. I have tried every where and I am getting the wrong RUU or the RUU is not working. Because as of right now my phone is useless.
Phone: HTC One m7 (T-mobile)
Boot Loader Unlocked
Current ROM:
Tested ROM: Android Revolution 10.3, Pac-Man Rom 3.1, and Paranoid Android 3.1
Past Devices: Sidekick 2, HTC G1, HTC Sensation