Default 2 Anti Theft Apps installed ?

Is it a good idea to have 2 Anti Theft Apps installed ? If so, which ones ?

For now I use "Android Lost" and except for GPS not beeing thaaaat accurate on O3D, it does what it should.

Take photos, record sounds, display a message and take even more photos.

I always wondered if its even a good idea to install another Anti Theft App like Cerberus or maybe Samsung Dive...just to have another option to take photos or locate the phone with maybe more accurate GPS data. (but I think it was a O3D gps problem in general...gps fix?)

I also read that it was only possible to activate GPS if it was deactivated on a phone using Android 2.3.x or below.

I used the forum search and only found "Whats the best anti theft app". Seems like not much have been added or changed since then ?