Default Where to sell Galaxy S4 for parts?

I dropped my Galaxy S4 the other day, cracked the glass and busted the LCD. I ended up going back to my old Galaxy Nexus for the time being until I can gather some money for an S4 or maybe an S5. Now I have this busted S4 sitting here with a clean ESN. If it gets repaired its totally usable. My question is, does anyone know a good place to try and sell it? I know a lot of people on here, or similar forums are into fixer-uppers like this for experience or maybe even to get a good deal on a phone. I'm not trying to sell it here, but rather find another place with a designated classifieds section where someone will be able to use it and buy it.

I know eBay is the obvious answer, but the market for Sprint phones is weak and there's a lot of people who will buy it, fix it, and sell it overseas as "new" instead of refurbished and I'm not into that. Thanks, any advice will help.