Default [Q] PC Unable to Recognize Device After 4.3 update

I was looking to root my phone and flash a custom ROM onto it as I had done a year prior. I opened up my Galaxy Note 2 toolkit and applied a stock ROM and rooted it as normal with TWRP recovery and SuperSU. After doing so I realized that the ROM I wished to installed used the 4.3 Android firmware for the phone. So I found and installed the 4.3 firmware for the device, but after doing so it seems as though TWRP recovery and SuperSU have been removed. Also, whenever I try to use the Galaxy Note 2 to re-root my device, it doesn't acknowledge the device is connected. Also, I get this error on my computer where it says it doesn't recognize the hardware connected, yet I can still use it as a media device and move files. Has anyone had the same problem or can help provide some insight?