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I recently bought this tablet it not the best but OK I guess and well I found a way to root it mines is a irulu ak329 1.2ghz 4.2.2 if you want to know how just comment on this I put the instructions up and see if it works on yours
im interested in the instructions on the steps you used on your irulu, i just received one as an early birthday gift after i mentioned to my brother that i wanted to start messing around with android devices instead of apple.

mine isnt ak329 mine says the fallowing

Model number:

Android Version:

Firmware Version:

Kernel Version:
park@uarmsoft #10
Thu Nov 28 18:38:06 CST 2013

Build Number:
wing_um723-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20131128 test-keys

not sure if your instructions will work but i will give it a try