Unhappy [Q] Xperia Ion LT28h JB 4.2.1 unlocked not working. Please help.

Dear friends hope you all are good. But sure I am not .

2/3 days back, I update my Xperia Ion LT28h from ICS to JB 4.2.1. After that, I tried to Root my device and able to did Root successfully. I have installed custom recovery "CWM6_Ganesh_Jb_Xperia ION_v1" and install custom ROM "Nature Xperia Advance V3.2 International Edition" after flashed ROM ( I am not so sure its successful or not, there was no error). anyways, after done this i go back to recovery mode > Advance > then wipe all data (I think I did this f***ing mistake)

Then tried to restart the phone, but it’s gone. After appear “Sony” logo phone automatically restart the on again and again Restart. After did this 4/5 time everything black only Red LED continue flashing.

I have tried to boot from Flashtool and Sony Update Service but unable to connect on Flashmode.

Guys is there any way to fix it, Please help me out,