Question [Q] ADB cannot push/mkdir/cp a file to extSdCard

Hi people, I have looked around and haven't found anything to do with adb not letting any editing to the extSdCard whatsoever (without root)
I want to be able to use
adb push "C:\whatever.txt" /storage/extSdCard/
and actually work. everytime I do this it gives me:
failed to copy 'C:\whatever.txt /storage/extSdCard/whatever.txt': Permission denied
I have not got superuser privileges and made this thread for those who do not have it. PLEASE do NOT post anything to do with busybox or su, your efforts will be in vain.
Thanks in advance
My Devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9190)
    Specs: (current)
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830) (Retired)
    Specs: (at the time I was using it)
    • AOKP ROM
    • AOKP Kernel (or whatever came with AOKP)
    • CWM recovery