Phone We need a Part Time or F/T Android Developer (Paid)

We are a UK ISP and eCommerce company - with an existing demand for a new breed of mobile device.

This is a hardware and software project - we want to build a twinned Android Phone/Tab (probably in China).

The devices will need to perform very specific tasks - within a very specific environment - something which doesn't exist today (so far as we know) and would sell in huge quantities.

We have hacked a Nx to within a inch of its life - and created something interesting - now we want the skills and experience of a true XDAer!

Consequently, we need a truly competent and creative developer - someone capable of designing/ developing then building/ proving the twinned devices to an even higher level.

This is all about convergence: the disruptive merging of two creaky old industries with this very new seamless one.

The potential for revenue is significant; if you can help us solve our current issues, we're happy to reward you accordingly.

Work from home - or in our London/ Southampton/ Scotland offices.

We are a profitable, well established company (>10 years), have a decent turnover (seven figures), with no debt to speak of.

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