Default [Q] Strange problem with QuickOffice or KingsoftOffice files.


I have a non routed Moto G with Android 4.4 with upgrade 176.44.1.falcon_umtsEURetail.en.EU.

I can create any .docx files with QuickOffice or any .doc files with KingsoftOffice then I can see these files in my folder with, for example, ES File Explorer.

The problem arises when I connect the Moto G to my PC (Windows 8.1) via USB cable. The created files are not recognized by the PC. With the PC I can see other files in the folder but the created .docx or .doc files are not present in this folder.

If I send these files from my Moto G to my Gmail account then I can open them with any PC Word program.

Any ideas? I think is a question of compatibility. Is there any solution?