Default [Q] Problem Using Bin for LGNPST

So I rooted my Optimus G and installed the CM 10.2 rom awhile back and was loving it. My GPS wasn't working, but I heard that by using LGNPST I can revert back to stock and then save the EFS and then use another restore to go to a rom with the GPS working. I put it off, and then tried to update to CM 11, but wasn't a big fan so I tried to go to use my 10.2 restore. Problem is I lost my LTE connectivity in an area that would always have 4g, and constantly have a error popping up every 3 seconds so going back to stock seems like the best idea.

To try and fix that I try and get LGNPST working, but at first the dll didn't work. So I registered it and try and use it with a Zv7 bin (not exactly sure what bin would be the best to get my optimus g back to stock) but I keep getting an error saying "Failed to load Model DLL". Then another box pops up saying:
"Process: upgrade_masterbin
SubProc: Masterbin Download
Cause: Cannot found MiniDP DLL"

I'm not really sure what to do next since looking for this hasn't yielded the most information for me. Sorry if this problem is easily fixable/has been solved in the forums, but i didn't find a whole lot that would help. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.