Unhappy [Q] Hatyon ROM issues

I own Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (GT-B5512) Indian Firmware (B5512DDLG1). I use Hatyon ROM v1.1. However, I haven't installed any other kernel. I face the following issues:

Unable to update Google Play Services. It shows an error: "Package file not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous app and try again." When I uninstall the previous version and try reinstalling, I get the message: "Google Play services is incompatible with the ROM in your device. Contact the Manufacturer." However, It used to work fine on my Stock ROM. Google Hangout needs it and I need Google Hangouts.

I tried Installing Compact Kernel v1.2.6 and my phone got soft-bricked. I restored that via Odin.

Later, I tried installing Compact Kernel v1.3 and my phone got soft-bricked again.

Please help me find a solution to the above issues and suggest me the best compatible ROM and Kernel.