Phone [Q] How to disable the vibration on boot?

I found this question was asked in other devices thread but without any solution. i find the vibration on every boot very annoying. And i dont wan to wake my bed partner while flashing/ modding my phone.

1- Is there any way to disable the he vibration on boot?
2- is this part of the hboot ?
3- does every android phone vibrates on boot? if not than there mus be a way to disable it right?
Device: ..HTC ONE ( UL, BLUE)
ROM: ....ARHD 71.1
Theme: ..NONE
Android: .4.4.2
SENSE: .6.0
Super CID
Firmware:. 5.11.401.10
Hboot: .....1.57
Kernel: ....ElementalX 14.8 ( stock, dt2w,gw )
Radio: .....4T.27.3218.14

Xposed Mods: S6TB, greenify, app settings, burnt toast, dark one mini

Splash screen:....GE
Boot animation:...custom ( hunger games )