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Q: App force closes. Why?
A: Try updating app through play store. This is fixed as of Beta 2.0+

Q: Why aren't apps downloading?
A: If you just installed rom, update Google Play Services and Play Store.

Q: Play Store force closes and I cannot update apps
A: Install this like a normal app
This is fixed in Beta 2.1 and above

Q: Why are your screenshots from a different version of your rom?
A: Some times the rom may look the same as the previous version. I just added some apps and tweaks.

Q: Why do my icons not show up in status bar when flashing theme?
A: Either you flashed a theme for a different device (like a Tablet or phone with different res) or you are using Beta 1.2 or 2.0

Q: I flashed a Sprint ROM onto my phone, restored back to Virgin Mobile ROM, and now some updates don't work
A: Your modem is still Sprint. PM me and I'll get u ur version, depending on what version u are on (MA8, MC1, MG5, or ND4)

Q: My 4G does not work...
A: I have not located the source of the problem yet. For now, type ##72786# into the dialer. The phone should reboot then WHAMMY! 4G!