Default ATT OTA bricked my phone 4/10/14

Hello heres my issue. i have my ATT 4.4.2 G2 rooted with ioroot25. Today 4/10 i received an OTA update and the phone started the update process like normal but never finished. it was stuck on the att logo for close to 3 hours. I was eventually able to get into safe mode but wasnt able to do anything. After 87 reboots it booted into android but on for 3 seconds then rebooted and so on and so on. I ended up just factory resetting the phone and everything seemed ok until i started playing with the phone. camera rotations doesnt work, i cant reset from the settings area, it seems to lag alot and the phone wont connect to the att network. it just says no serivice.i spoke with ATT who said its an LG issue and LG said just send the phone in but it will take 2-3 weeks due to a software issue.

the phone is correctly stuck on the att logo again.

is there anyway to correct this on my own?