Default [Q] Which rom based on these requirements ?

Hello all,

I love my 7105 but I have this HUGE problem with the CM nightlies I am using, the storage space is always to the max.

I have a 32g SD card and I can't install ANYTHING on it, I have a ton of games and they eat up all in the internal space

So I'd like a rom which allow me to either install the games or any program I want to the SD like it was possible on the older android versions, why the hell did google kill this great feature, I feel like I have an iphone when i get told it can't install or update because it's full.

Or if this is really not possible is there a possibility to mount some "internal" folder on the external sd card, i have tried folder mount to move real racing which is 3gigs by itself, it tells me all is done but the game is still on the inside card...

Thanks a lot for the help
Now :

GT-N7105 / CM 10.2

Before :

Ace / JellyBean 42R4 by Randomblame

Raphael / Energy ROM