Question Super brick fix?

Has anyone been able to fix this?
I have a practically brand new 8800-51 on hand that I mistakenly super bricked by formatting the ENTIRE 3.69GB partition and then I took the battery out.
I do have an image to flash back to it, IF I can power it on...

I used to be able to speak directly to the MTM SOC chip directly on another device with the same 72xx chip, but that was years ago and I don't have that Win XP laptop on hand anymore.

My only chance is to somehow install the proper Qualcomm drivers into Win 7 and attempt communication with the SOC directly, but I'm not sure Win 7 supports serial comm emulation the same way Win XP did.

I guess I need to try something, I'm upset that I didn't go about this the right way in the first place.
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