Default [Q] Camera gesture not working [SOVLED]

Hello there, M8 thread. Just upgraded from the M7 with Tmo Jump. LoL!!

So I was playing around with the phone and I can't get the camera gesture to work. All the other motion unlock methods are working just fine. I'm kinda sad because that's one gesture I know I'll be using.

Is the camera gesture working for anyone else? Am I picking up the phone wrong? =.P

I might go watch some YouTube videos and see what they do.

EDIT: So it's working now. I don't think I... well... I don't know. LoL!! But I knew that would happen. The moment I posted this, the *issue* would resolve. Well, playing with it now, there seems to be a sensitivity level. It looks like if you slowly pick it up and try it, it doesn't work.

I tried it as if I'm going to try and hurry and catch this picture and it worked. IDK...
Sounds like I need mines to be more sensitive. Hmm...

Cool phone, nonetheless.
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