Default MTK 6589 phone freezes randomly - any idea ?


I have a chinese phone, Inew I2000. ( clone of Chang N7300+ ). Well, to be fair it's Mediatek MTK6589 generic phone, like there's so many in china.

And this specific one have a pretty bad issue : it randomly freeze. The screen keep displaying the picture, but the phone doesn't respond to anything. Not even keeping the power button pressed. I have to take out the battery to reboot it.

I haven't been able to notify any pattern to those freeze. They will happen from 1 to 4 times a day. Sometime just while the phone is idle, sometime when I'm using it. It never happend to me in the middle of a phone call, but it happened while the phone was just sitting there. I would realise it was frozen when picking it, and realising it was not switching on of responding to anything.

I tried resetting it to factory setting, and re-installing the rom. It still happens. I am now wondering if this is a hardware issue, and if it is if there's anything I can do.

Google tols me that it seems other chinese phones have had the same issue now and then ... but I haven't been able to find a solution so far.

So as a last resort, I decided to ask to the place where I know of the most skilled people regardng phones and android ... here.

Just to mention, I'm not afraid of trying anything with that phone, including un-assembling it if it has any chance of solving the issue. If you have any idea, please share.

Edit : also, I tried looking for similar thread on xda, but didn't find any ... maybe I just didn't find the right keyword.