Default Hard brick after converting SuperSU to system app.

Just wanted to share a really awful experience on my SG S3 Mini i8190. I was as usual studying in class when I kind of got bored and decided to play around with my phone. I opened my SuperSU app just for the heck of it and saw an option that says something similar to 'Switch SuperSU into a system app', I thought it wouldn't hurt at all but was I wrong. Right after that moment... guess what? Yep, a hard brick. I wasn't really sure why and although I kind of felt it was partly my fault for doing unnecessary things, but I just can't help wonder why doing something that looks so harmless especially that it was an option to begin with in the app would cost me over 80$.

I sent it to a friend who has this shop which has all sorts of JTAG boxes but sadly none of them worked and I did have to change IC EMMC.

Just got my phone today and already decided to install the newest CM11 lol. I'm not here to blame CF or anything just wanted to share an experience and hopefully would prevent some newbies out there from doing things you don't really know to begin with.