Info 2 [SOLVED] Koush's (clockworkmod) Superuser not working on Stock 4.2.2

Koush's (clockworkmod) Superuser ( installs with no problems, the problem is: root is not recognized by apps.
AFWall+ states something like: Could not acquire root access... and "error purging iptables"
SuperSU app works fine though. Is superuser disabling root when installed...??

I have tried:
- Rootkit zip with busybox and SuperSU, then switched to superuser (by cleaning superSU in app)
- Direct superuser install after rooting with busybox.
- Installing superuser after removing knox with SuperSU.
- factory reset, clearing data and cache
- Reflash rom and recovery

I have tried both methods: from recovery and superuser.apk

on: Stock 4.2.2 (I9195XXUBML4)
with: recovery-clockwork-


Caused by:
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...a new "feature" / CONFIG_SEC_RESTRICT_SETUID in the kernel.

This means no more rooting is possible, at least not anymore in the usual methods. Your SuperUser will tell you it will have granted access, but it's neutered on the kernel level.
Solved by:
More info about this root prevention / security measure here:
Github koush/Superuser: android 4.2+ seteuid (root) failed with 13: