Default [Q] App Ideas, but no technical knowledge

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been brought up before, if so, please link me and i'll study up.-- i assume this has, since it would be a common idea.

I have two ideas for apps, which I think could be incredibly useful, and google hasn't pulled up any exact matches. What is the strategy, or game plan, for an idea guy who comes up with a quality thought, but doesn't-by any means- have the necessary technical knowledge to make them happen?

Obviously, I could go through the long and arduous process of learning to code, but given my current career, free-time is at a premium, and spare time is all but nonexistent.

All advice is welcome. And yes, i realize the market for app ideas is probably flooded, which is why i'm seeking your advice. thanks to all who respond, and sorry if this is just more website clutter.