Question [Q] S for Switch Voice on S5?

I have conflicting reports whether S for Switch Voice would work on the S5 or not.

Because of the uncertainty, I have temporarily removed S5 from the list of supported devices, but if it does work I would put it back quickly.

I posted the app here for download. Could you test it for on your device? Send me a PM, and I will get you the APK. Thanks for your help!

BTW This is S for Switch Voice:

Whenever (and however) you launch S Voice , S for Switch Voice will switch to Google Voice Search instead:
►Voice wake up (Say "Hi Galaxy" with screen off)
►Double tap on the Home key (turn on "Home key" button and adjust monitoring sensitivity)
Samsung Galaxy Note III N9005 - stock MJ1 rooted Knox 0x0 (since dec 6)

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