Battery Low USB extension cable for fast charging?

So, I had this great idea and it isn't working out the way I planned.

Usually on my USB cables the first thing to break is the little end connector, it just wares out on the micro usb cables. So I bought this:

It works great. I'm charging at 1200mA and it charges my device very quickly. I've had it for about a year now and it has yet to ware out like those other cheaper cables.

I then bought this:

As soon as I plug in the smaller monster cable into the extension cable, my charge rate is cut in half (600mA). This is obviously because the extension cable has a lower voltage capability and a slower transfer rate. I didn't notice this when I first bought it.

So I am trying to find an extension cable I can use with my monster cable that doesn't degrade my charge rate.

Anyone else ever had this issue before?