Default [Q] GPS and NFC not working?

My GPS doesn't seem to be working. I used GPS Test and it says ~16 sats in view but didn't connect to any. Is this an error? If it is, is it a hardware error or a software error?
Screenshots are in attachments.
NVM turn out I can't use it indoors.

I also can't use Android Beam with another SGS3. The SGS3 seems to have a fake battery installed though, I peeled the sticker a bit and couldn't find the NFC antenna. Will NFC work without an antenna?
Too bad I don't have a tag or something to test.

And finally, after flashing MIUI 4.4.4 (from the official site), the storage location changed from /data/media to /data/media/0 . Is there any way to change it back?

I'm using official MIUI 4.4.4 on a LG F180K btw.
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