Exclamation [Q] n7105 something wrong, but what ?

Hi everybody !

I am a hungarian man, living in Sweden, sorry if my english is pour.
I have got lot of help here with all my android phone, a have some.
I ususally could find here every information to solve my android phone problems.

I am writing first time here to ask som help because a have a strange problem.

I have a note 2, i bought i sweden 2 years ago.
I could root and installed custom rom.

When i did it last time for 1 month ago, i flashed stock rom JB 4.3 from sammobil
N7105XXUEMK9_N7105DNFEMK2_N7105XXUEMJ9_HOME with ODIN, it was OK.

When i started the phone, it forget phone service. There is no sim card, no imei, no 4g.

I know it was my fault i did not make nandroid backup before flashing new one.

I tried to fix, i could download some kind of a service stock files (rom, modem, csc, pit) and tried to reflash,
but it says error, when it flash the modem.

When i flashed only the original JB 4.12 swedish stock rom from sammobil, i could have gsm service, but i have no internal memory, either mobil internet. I could flash perseus kernel, which can use micro sd as an internal memory, so phone is functioning, but no 4G.

Phone is working anyway, i can go to download mod to flash anything, but i could not fix mobile net either way.

I can chose:
if i want to use gsm to call with this phone, i have JB 4.12 but some problem with the internal memory and no 4g
if i want to use usually the phone with JB4.3 with the internal memory and microsd, i have to forget all gsm service

that is a kind of a strange for me
i tried what i could, this phone phone belong to my son already, and he would like to use 4g

i thougt about EFS error ? or modem error ?

i tried to flash lot of custom or stock rom, but no mobile net

unfortunately i have no efs backup, either do not have some kind of other earlier backup, when the phone was OK.

has somebody some kind of a EFS backup ?
even i downloaded EFS program wich can restore EFS but i have no backup

can somebody provide link to download new full service stock files (pit,rom,modem,csc) ???

i have international LTE Note 2 / GT-N7105

please help