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Originally Posted by JVH3 View Post
Curious why you pair to an external GPS with your phone. I get locks in about 10 seconds with the built in GPS.

I am in the United States. I use the Fone Fanatics Cab that sets it to use the nokia.supl thing. It sets a few other AT&T specif things. There are other versions for other carriers.

If you need to pair to an external GPS, you might as well just buy a seperate GPS unit. I picked up a TomTom 125 on Black Friday for $59. I like the audible turn by turn directions and it has a larger screen. Uses nice big fonts and shows my speed next to the speed limit.

About the 4000 messages you have. Back them up. Keep them on your computer. Don't restore them all. If you use PIM backup, uncheck binary. You can then import it into excel with ; as the seperator.

You can then restore, but delete some off of your phone, maybe keep a months worth or something. Large numbers of text messages do cause problems. It's been mentioned in the thread a few times, but not super often, because most people don't have 4000 messages.

Text messages can be backed up, altered, and then restored, so your text message log is not evidence of any commitments. They are only for your reference.

I am on the 28014 Christmas theme and have found it to be very stable.

UC or Sashime can add registry customizations in.

There is a free cab file creator on xda somewhere that you can also create registry entries with. It's called QuickCab-2.0

Only the cab is required to put at least 1 file on your system.
Just have it put a small txt file in your temp folder.

I use Visual Studio 2008 Professional to make my cabs. It has the same limitation though.
Deleting messages off my phone when you have to select each one by one is proving to take a while... Do you know of any app that you can do that on the PC?
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Originally Posted by eruption82 View Post
I flashed on the 16th, let it get low, then charge it to full with the phone off. hmmm i'll let it simmer a couple more days
See post #4 in this thread.


The first few days

There is nothing special about this ROM to make it use more power than other ROMs except that it is tweaked for performance over battery life. After things have settled down, you should get a couple of days usage out of a charge.
Immediately after flashing, you will probably observe very poor battery performance. This is due to the charging circuit having to reset itself.
The battery meter will not settle down and give accurate readings for a few battery cycles. Give it a few days.

For the first few battery charging cycles, try to charge to 100% with phone off and then allow battery to drain down quite a bit before recharging. This is so the meter will calculate drain well.
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Originally Posted by avs777 View Post
I can't change my input thru settings/personal/input either (it goes back to full QWERTY),
however if I tap and hold on the keyboard at the bottom the input selection menu comes up
and thru that I can change it to Swype or any other option. The only thing, after phone reset
it goes back to standard windows keyboard and I have to change it back to Swype using the method I just described.
Search for a program called sipchange.
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Smile SipChange

Originally Posted by bratch15 View Post
Search for a program called sipchange.
Here you go.
Attached Files
File Type: cab SIPChange.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (225.9 KB, 55 views)
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Originally Posted by knoppix42 View Post
can u show some screenshots?
Honestly you wouldn't be able to see much of the animation via a screenshot, but I will post what the home looks like during the animations. My girlfriend says it looks like ghosts flying around the screen. I think it looks more like spotlights roaming around the dark background.

I tried to make a video using mymobiler. Although it is very choppy, you can get the idea. The actual animation is very smooth and it is a little more elaborate.

I would say if your interested give it a try because it's easy to run and will not damage anything... unless you use the purple "raw" animation. All I really did was replace the purple background.
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Default Awesome Rom

I just flashed the latest rom last night (21885) and I have to say its amazing. One thing that I wanted to ask if anyone else had noticed is if the little tiny image of a contact card that sits on top of the image of people in the peoples tab glitches out often and is just a white square where the image used to be? It's not really a problem, just thought I would ask and if there is any way to remove the image entirely somewhere in the phone.
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I was wondering if someone with more knowledge can help me, im trying to setup my notifications but for some reason i cant get the "Flash for" option on "Messaging: New MMS"
Anyone know how i can activate this? As i mostly have my phone on silent or vibrate so i normally go off the flashing...

EDIT: ok i found the registry settings, just copied it from whatever the text message 1 had and it seemed to work!
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Originally Posted by christhedon View Post
Deleting messages off my phone when you have to select each one by one is proving to take a while... Do you know of any app that you can do that on the PC?
I don't maybe someone else does.

Possibly Microsoft my phone.
Or maybe PIM backup, manually edit the backup file with notepad or something that won't impose it's own format or meta data. Then after a flash or hard reset, reimport them.

I never used to even backup my text messages, so I don't have very many. And in a typical month, I send and receive less than 200 total messages, probably closer to 50 or 75. And the majority of those are things like: "In a meeting, I'll call you back in an hour."

Hopefully someone sees this and posts an answer for you.

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I think I can help with this one... jeyo mobile companion.
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I have to say, I've been using the (2.1) 12.17.09 - 28014 Standard ROM for about 24hrs now, and with all my apps installed... this is the first time where it seems EVERYTHING is working flawlessly... I want to change the phone canvas and that is the only thing I have yet to modify on this particular flash... I'm just not sure which one to use... only features I want are energy theme, curtain and conference calling ability...

here is the list of my installed apps:
0000_T-Mobile Touch Pro AGPS
0004_T-Back 6.5 BT
0014_BsB RAM Sweeper
0018_JVH3_PPC_Manila_2.1_WeatherCityEditorInstall. CAB
0021_ACE - WM6.5 Games Fix [V1.0].cab
8888_NRG 3 Row Start
8888_T-Back Msg Enhance
9999_cRaCKwHoRe's Snooze
9999_Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak v1.2.0.CAB

my only gripe is that cRaCKwHoRe's Snooze seems to change the way the notification popups look. I would like to somehow revert them back to the "energy style" popups. even though I have most notification popups disable in my settings, the ones that do popup I'd like to have look the way NRG intended them to. if there is a fix for this please let me know, otherwise it looks as though I've found the best, most stable ROM since the 23504 build which other than a couple small graphical quirks, was definitely the most stable build prior to this one... I will update in a few days on battery use... thanks NRG for a great build!

P.S. did the restore using SASHIMI, which I still have a couple more things to figure out before this is a completely automated restore, but it sure took 99% of the work out my restore... anyone who isn't using it should promptly slap themselves in the face (j/k) and then get with it =P

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