Default complete gsm unlock

i dont know where else to post thi theres not quite enough people in the sprint forum to give any answers.ok so i got my ls 980 on straight talk with a ported tmobile rom to sprint with the att sim. card got my apn set finnally. my wifi would not turn on so i flashed the furnace kernal and it started working. now i keep getting cannot connect to camera. its either a software issue or more to the core mayby in the kernnal. i restore stock sprint it works if i install a few other roms it works ive tried flashing all kinds of after maket camerra apps no go yet any body have any other ideas ive tried modified camera apks then i move the with sys app mover nothin but if i go to another rom it works
i have popped in multiple sim cards the data and phone work almost perfect plus i have my stock sprint rom modded with the furnace kernal backeed up i can go right back to my sprint contrack number any time and my camera works great