Default [Q] Can LAC and CID values be changed?

I am in Australia using a SIM MOD Photon Q on the Telstra Network.

I have noticed that when entering *#*#4636#*#* in phone settings:
Location: LAC= 3250 CID=13a0105

Using Network Signal PRO (This is what my network towers in the area are)

See this post for screen shots:

My phone is working on mobile data, calls and sms.
I need Google Hangouts to send MMS but receive them fine.

When trying to use the Testra Foxtel App, it will not allow me access, I am guessing it is because of unmatching LAC:

Does anyone have any experience with this and if so is it able to be changed?
Is there a way of fooling the Telstra Network to allow access?

I have done much internet searching for this issue to no avail.