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so any time i try to type into the post reply or anything like that it autofills with a post quote and a reply i gave in a Q&A thread. no matter where i go on the site it auto populates the reply, even overwrites a different quote with it. it's weird because it includes my reply. so for some reason this site has saved my post quote and reply and overwrites anything i try to quote or reply. does anyone know wth is happening and how to stop it? i'm on linux mint and using Chromium. i've cleared all the history/cookies and everything back to the beginning of time. this is really frustrating.

EDIT**** i disabled all add ons on Chromium and slowly turned them back on till i found the one that was doing this. LastPass was auto filling the reply box for some strange reason even though i never told it to and had told it clear all auto fill forms. i had to manually edit the xda entry and found that it in fact had an auto fill form for this site. i just removed it and all is good again. mods feel free to delete this thread.
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