Default what's your recommended lock screen app and mods?

Hi All

Loving my tab 2 (p3110) after 5 months.. Have modded the rom (stock 4.2.2) a little, Agni's Kernel, viper drivers and exposed mod. So now looking to mod further.

And yes I could just flash a custom rom but as yet not wanting to go that route...

Am just simply wondering what's others are using and why/what are the benefits of them?

Also what lock screen/apps are others using and the setup? Tried a few but never seem to get them to work correctly...

looking forward to peoples thoughts and recommendations...

Primary devices:-
HTC Desire s rooted with DS ICE rom
HTC ONE V rooted, Ignorance V5 rom
ZTE Blade 2 with custom rom
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2,Stock
Nokia Lumia 520 dev unlocked,WMP8.1
HTC TYTN 2 6.5 shifu V4.3 WWE ROM
1 x Samsung Tab 2 7"Stock modded rom
1 x Advent Vega,Vega Bean
Way to many but include,
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