Default Provide KitKat Roaming.apk

Hello! I've downloaded CloudyFlex 2.0 on my F320S, but discovered that the roaming dual clock is there. I tried to disable it by using the Holo Launcher method, but couldn't find the Roaming-section. I found out that the Roaming.apk-thing wasn't even on my phone.

Can someone please provide me a link to the Roaming.apk made for the stock LG KitKat-Roms? Or do you have another way I can disable the roaming dual clock?
Phone: LG G2 F320S
Status: Up & Running
ROM: Mahdi-ROM V3
Android Version: 4.4.3
Recovery: PhilZ Touch

Tablet: Google Nexus 7
Status: Up &Running
ROM: Mahdi-ROM
Android Version: 4.4.3
Recovery: PhilZ 5.03.0