Default Vibrate completely crapped out

I was so happy with my "new" (replacement because of Camera issue) M7 from AT&T, everything works great now except this morning while typing a text I lost haptic feedback. Sometimes that happens and closing and reopening usually brings it back, but this did not work. It seems now the phone doesn't vibrate at all. When you shut down or reboot, no vibrate, turn on and off any of the settings nothing. Go into diagnostic mode (*#*#3424#*#*) and do vibrate test nothing. If I slap the phone against a desk for like 20 seconds I get ONE vibrate out of it and thats it. (either I can do the test, or it will vibrate when I boot the phone).

I'm assuming I'm screwed and need yet ANOTHER replacement from AT&T, am I correct? Does someone know any trick to make it work?
HTC One AT&T (rooted Stock KitKat)
Asus Transformer TF300T (rooted stock JB)