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Originally Posted by CoyotesFan4Evr View Post
OK, so I'm a bit on the not so sure side with something here. I want to get my issues fixed and I'm getting closer to going thru with the process to do so only when I read the last few posts it made me stop because I looked at one my radio version and I'm not on the right one according to the screen shot you posted. However I have no issues with anything that would go along with that. My other concern is that if I go to install the beta TWRP it tells me that it will erase the current setup I have for Nova launcher and I don't want it to do that so that keeps me from installing it. Should I not worry about that and just do the install? Also can I just flash the radios and the like in bootloader mode because I have a bug on my laptop that I have yet to get rid of and I try to keep from plugging any electronic device into it in the fist place. I've never had to do a radio update in the mode that you spoke of,let alone not be able to just flash it in bootloader or custom recovery mode. To be honest I got into flashing ROM's and rooting my smartphones because it's pretty easy to do. Download this, flash that, reboot and BAM you are good to go. I'm going to start shying away from doing it in the future if it starts to become more of a technical thing to do until I have the time really read up on everything I'll be needing to do. I'm not the normal tech type of person that can go throw 800 bucks down on a replacement phone when I brick one. That part still baffles me on how people can just do that. LOL Anyways, thank you for the help so far.
I honestly don't know what it is you are looking for or waiting to hear from me. Sorry.
Flashing a new recovery has nothing to do with what apps you have installed currently or their data.
Firmware has to be flashed in fastboot.
The radio I posted can be flashed in Recovery.
None of the above is difficult to do and I'm not quite sure I understand your dilemma.
Update radios and recovery, flash a new rom, or don't.
Am I missing something?
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I'm just relaying what my phone tells me. If i go into the zip download for the Beat TWRP it pops up with a screen that says it will erase the current setup of the Nova homepage on my phone and if I'm sure I want to do that or not. I have been hitting cancel because I don't want to erase my setup of Nova just to get the right recovery. Perhaps I'm reading that post wrong but I believe you stated to go into a command prompt and put the phone in ruu mode. I've never done that before, so that is where my concern is. Perhaps I'm not understanding what you posted fully because I'm over thinking it to much? I'll go read it all again just to be sure. If you are saying I can flash those things in recovery then I'll do so and see what happens.
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