Default [Q] Is my nexus 7 rooted or not, i got CWM and the bootloader is unlocked.

I have a 2012 nexus 7. I had root access before but then i wanted to update my nexus 7 to JB 4.3. So to do that I updated via CWN intallin zip form sd card. Now I want to update it again to Kit Kat 4.4.2. My nexus gives me the message to update it to 4.4.2 OTA but when i do that when it is intalling in recovery, it says an error occured. I still have CWM on my nexus and the bootloader is unlocked, but rootcheckes says I don't have root access. If i wan to update it how can i do that? Via fastboot or installing the zip from sd card via CWM, Im not very clear whether it is rooted or not.

Thank you for your time.