Default [Q] Building CM11 from source

Hey all!

This questions is probably dev only, but since I dont have permission to post on dev thread, I had to pop out my question here. Here is the deal: from mid march I started building my own nightlies from CM 11 source and I use them only on my device. After 27.03, every time I flash a new nightly, my phone boots up but first I get 'Unfortunatelly, has stopped' and after that same message but for systemui process. Somewhere in CM 11 nightly thread I read that CM is now using msm8960 kernel, so I switched my builds to that kernel, but still have the same problems. If I do a full factory reset, phone boots ok with the nightly I flash, but as soon as I reboot it again, same story... I also tried with the recovery that is build with the rom itself (regular clockworkmod,, normally I use clockwork touch still the same problem. But, if I flash the M5 release, it works with no problems... Did anyone encountered similar problems?