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CM9, CM10, CM11... which one to choose?

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I also use JCSullines 4.2.2.

It is CM10.1 on Kernel 2.6. I believe it is an early January 2014 build ( you can find it by searching for Tenderloin Jellybean with Bluetooth support)

To answer the OP question, each build has advantages.

CM7 was bay FAR the most responsive, and was always able to play local amd streaming content flawlessly.

CM9 provided android 4.0 and the UI enhancements. However it had lip sync issues on local video content. It did however allow very easy updates through "OTA like updates" in the system settimgs options

CM10 -- unknown, didnt try it.

CM10.1 (k2.6)-- basically is CM9 fixed... Mostly. It plays videos well and less battery draim (gone are the days of zero batter without waening and the fear it may be bricked). The issue is that it gets slow with time, perhaps hours or a day.. But youll need to reboot before to long. Videos can lag pretty bad, particularly streaming HD content.

CM10.1 (k3.4) -- unkown, but hopeful. Faster responce, low battery drain, yet possible issues with BT amd or audio/HD videos

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Cm11 3.0 from jcsullins 5/4 - most stable Skype and Bluetooth I've tried!

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Will be moving to CM11 for 4.4.2 support. Had CM10 for a while and loved it, but need 4.4.2 for Xfinity TV support. Can't wait...
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Echoing what others have said, I use Milaq's 4.3 rom (cm10.2), which works well for me: stable, relatively low battery drain, BT, camera. It even supports OTG which I use with my DSLR. Great rom. I am planning on experimenting with jc's 4.4.2 on another TP.

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I've been using JCSullins 10.1 for a while and just went to his 11. So far the only downside is the current version of Netflix doesn't work correctly. Both bluetooth and camera seem to work correctly though which, if I recall, is a plus over CM9.
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I've been using CM9 since i bought this tablet. But its starting to become very unresponsive, there is noticeable lag, it often freezes, so i have to reboot or wait for a really long time and it's very slow for everyday use like browsing etc..

I just updated to latest version of CM9 (only wipe cache and dalvik). What may be the cause of this, since I know that CM9 was much faster when i first installed it and how can i make it responsive again?
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might be just the case that you've been installing too many apps
i'm on the last cm9 nightly, and everything works (audio, video/decoding, bluetooth, camera, wifi etc), and everything is as fast as I remember it
additionally, i've flashed the modified kernel that you can overclock the cpu/gpu, so games and whatnot are faster
i've only installed things i actually use, have greenified to hibernate everything when not in use, and go to deep sleep mode after 1 min of screen off

anyways, i sorta want to upgrade to cm11, just because it's newer, is there a version that has everything working and stable except the camera, that's the one thing i never use (i also very rarely use the bluetooth, but i like syncing the ps3 controller to play games)

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