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T-Mobile JUMP! and KNOX

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Originally Posted by Jfree3000 View Post
I don't think I can go back to a smaller screen. Held my wifes s3 and it feels so tiny, I have been spoiled by the Note's screen size.
Same here

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Originally Posted by janjannsen99 View Post
Close this thread. Sheesh

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I see your point in closing this this thread because of what a disaster it had turned into but there are still people like me looking for a legitimate answer, or at least consensus. I have JUMP and will probably not upgrade until the end of year. In the meantime, I would LOVE to root and trip KNOX and be done with it , but not if it means going to be turned down at the door and have wasted all this money.
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Here's a legitimate answer for you 99% of Tmobile employees do not give one Fu** and will not dent you at all. Nor do the technicians give two sh*s either. Take your device with a stock image regardless of it being tripped, rooted, etc...

They do not care unless you piss them off.

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Don't worry about, just hand in your phone, and they won't look at it, just use the firmware and put it back to normal, when you get in front of them, just start the reset to factory, and they wont care...
they are not looking at that, I went there with my phone rooted, and said it had a problem they looked at it and seen it rooted, and they put an order for replacement, 4 days later I received my replacement, and sent the mine with setting the firmware NB8, nice and clean... never heard from them again...

remember when they look at your account, they can see all the apps you have installed, they don't care.
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Originally Posted by rstokc View Post
An "eligible device" under JUMP is one which will "power on and have its hardware and software operating in a manner consistent with the original Manufacturer's specifications[.]" A Knox tripped device does not meet this requirement. Neither the hardware nor software operates consistent with the original manufacture's specifications because 1) the hardware Knox efuse is burned and 2) the software Knox layer is permanently disabled. For anyone with this language their JUMP contract, it could be used to deny JUMP to a Knox tripped device.
I'm really missing the point of your repeated post on this subject. Is this a law school thing? Once again... THE CONTRACT I SIGNED WITH T-MOBILE FOR JUMP ... Ah forget it.
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Originally Posted by dkb218 View Post
I'm really missing the point of your repeated post on this subject. Is this a law school thing? Once again... THE CONTRACT I SIGNED WITH T-MOBILE FOR JUMP ... Ah forget it.
Okay, I'm the attorney of the attorney that one of the attorneys hire to represent another attorney, and I'm 100% sure that possibly maybe, can be. Ah forget it. ......... JK.

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