Default What is Message Provider 1.0.660928 it is messing up Mightytext for me

If any of you have not tried Mightytext, you should give it a look. It allows you to send text messages via your computer through your phone.

I use Contacts+ for texting and dialing on my phone. For some reason ever since I got my One, I've been receiving duplicate messages for most texts coming in. I never had this problem on my Galaxy S4. I tried deleting Contacts and that solved the duplication problem but I wasn't happy with that solution, I'd rather have Contacts+ that the stock messaging app.

I went into Titanium Backup and tried freezing the messaging app but that didn't work. I also saw something called "Message Provider 1.0.660928" I froze that and the duplication problem stopped. Does anyone know what that app is and do I need it?

Thank you