Default [Q][NookHD+] Anyway to install CWM emmc while CyanogenMod is running?

Solved, topic can be deleted.
Left the nook to charge for a bit, then backed up the files, formatted the SD card, and tried again and the card started booting.
One of the two seems to have fixed it.

After trying (and failing) to update CyanogenMod through the menu (Nook rebooted into stock recovery mode, and told me there was an error), I've been unable to boot from external SD card. I had a 4GB MicroSD that would boot 9 out of 10 times, which is untouched since I last used it, and either the Nook will not turn on (no Nook screen into Cyanogen loading), or the Cyanogen loading screen will freeze and reboot.

Is there a way to install CWM while CM is running?