Question [Q] [Acro S][JB] Kernel with Overclocking Support + ext4 ?


I'm looking for a Kernel which will run with the Stock Xperia 4.1.2 Rom that also supports overclock, swap, fastcharge and ext4.
Looking for something built on the .96 Kernel.
However, the ones available are for ICS or they are unavaible for download(aka discountinued)

So I was thinking, is it possible to run one of the OpenSEMC kernels on Stock rom? (Assuming they have support for oc,swap,ext4,fastcharge)
Does any of the OpenSEMC kernels support overclock,ext4,swap,fastcharge? (If I were to flash to a 4.2.2 rom)

Or would it be easier to create my own Kernel for the Stock 4.1.2 rom and add these functions myself?